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The Champagne 100,000 Mile Club

While most dealers encourage you to trade in your higher mileage vehicles in an attempt to sell you a newer car, we at Champagne Motor Car Company understand that your present budget may not allow for an expensive purchase like a newer vehicle at the moment. We know that many of you are, in fact, barely making ends meet in this tough economy. That is the reason we decided to start our exclusive Champagne 100,000 Mile Club, which offers owners of vehicles with more than 100,000 miles on them unique discounts and savings on automobile parts, service, and repairs. Our goal is to help you keep your higher mileage car on the road until your budget says it's the time for a newer car. Hopefully, when a new car is absolutely necessary, you will remember the dealer that saved you money and kept you motoring at the lowest possible price.

This is how we think business should work. Both the customer and the dealer win in the end. Are you ready to join our Champagne 100,000 Mile Club?

Simply register by filling out our free registration form. There is no fee to join! Current program benefits include the absolute lowest labor rate anywhere in the area (only $69.99 per hour!) and 20% off all parts and maintenance items, including tires, oil changes, and more. All this maintenance is performed by the expert team at Champagne Motor Car Company's service department. This is a lifetime program with no expiration and no monthly or annual charges to remain a member. Our only stipulation is that to be a member and to receive the savings, your vehicle has to have 100,000 miles on the odometer and must be registered to you and your address. That’s pretty simple!

Stop by our dealership in Mansfield Center for an introductory $19.99 oil change, along with a free 130-point safety inspection. That way we can do a comprehensive condition report on your specific car and keep it in our database. We can then advise you about future services that will be necessary, so you can plan accordingly.  At that first visit, you will receive an absolutely free Champagne 100,000 Mile Club t-shirt, so you can brag to all of your friends and make them wish they had more mileage on their cars!

Sign up today! Call 860-456-0008 with any questions. Thank you for working with Champagne Motor Car Company.

Sign Up Today!

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